Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Thank you for your interest.  I am a candidate for Circuit Judge in the Second Judicial District of Arkansas. 

Our Second Judicial District covers six counties in Northeast Arkansas – Clay, Craighead, Crittenden, Greene, Mississippi, and Poinsett Counties.

We have 11 judges in our District. Two of the current judges are going to retire at the end of 2014 – Judge Larry Boling and Judge David Laser.  I am seeking the position to be vacated by Judge Boling (Position 10).

The election will be in May, 2014.  Our judicial races are non-partisan races, so they will appear in both political party primaries in May.

I am asking for your vote and your support in my campaign for Circuit Judge.

Although, over the years, I have helped other people as candidates in other elections, this is my first rodeo as a candidate for public office.  It is a new and interesting experience, and I am learning something about the process every day.

As a candidate for circuit Judge, our Judicial Rules prohibit us from talking about legal issues that may be presented in circuit court.

But I can tell you a little about myself and my qualifications.

I have strong roots in Northeast Arkansas.  I have lived in Mississippi County, in Blytheville, since I was five years old.

I went to college at Arkansas State University.

After college, I served in the United States Army.  I was anxious to see the world, but after they sent me to New Jersey and then to Viet Nam, I was glad to come back home.

After returning from the Army, I worked for a couple of local industries, as a personal manager.  During that time, I was able to obtain my Masters Degree in Management through the University of Arkansas, under a program at Blytheville Air Force Base.  A professor from the U of A was sent to Blytheville as a resident professor for that program.

I went to law school at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, thanks to assistance from the GI Bill, for which I am grateful.

After law school, I returned to Blytheville, where I have had a very broad, general law practice for over 33 years.  I have handled about 4,000 cases during my years of law practice.  I am proud to say that I have never had a client file an ethics complaint against me, and I have never had a client sue me for any reason.

A circuit judge is involved with criminal, civil, probate, and child and family-related matters.  I have been involved with all of these types of cases and the procedures which are presented in circuit court.  I am confident of my ability to address those issues as a circuit judge.

Over the years, it has been important for me to be involved in civic activities that benefit our community and its citizens, through my church, chamber of commerce, Lions Club, United Way, and our community college.

My hobbies, when I have time, include yard work, basic wood working, hunting and fishing and watching old western movies.

My favorite, and most important, hobby has become my five grandchildren.

My wife, Laurie, and I have two children and five grandchildren.  We are blessed that they all live within a few blocks of us, and we get to see them frequently.  Those grandchildren are really special to me.

I believe in working hard and being prepared.  I can, and will, promise you that I will work hard to be a good public servant and a good judge, and I promise to be considerate, fair, and impartial to all.

I need your support.  Dan

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